Social Justice Salida

About Social Justice Salida

Social Justice Salida is a loose amalgamation of folks coming together to explore social justice issues through a local lens. We work

  • to facilitate dialogue on critical issues of our time such as race, immigration, gender, sexuality, and economic inequality
  • to educate each other about social justice issues and how they impact folks 
  • to use the power of art to build alliances across diverse segments of our community

Digging Deeper

An online magazine/ blog of sorts allows us to dig deeper into the local impacts of social justice issues. Every quarter, we focus on a different social justice topic -  gathering stories, interviews, art, resources, and actions to feature here on the web. Everyone is welcome to join the community-wide conversation. 


What is Social Justice?

Social justice is defined as "justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society." Social justice movements typically work toward the realization of human rights, dignity, and equal access to benefits for all. More and more, "all" includes the rights of nature and the environment as well. Social justice is defined differently by different people; but it matters to us all.

Social Justice needs Art Fuel

Salida and the Chaffee County area are blessed with more than its fair share of artists, musicians and makers. We desperately need new ways to engage people in the struggle for and dialog around people and planet rights beyond cardboard signs, chants, and tweets. We need artists, musicians, knitters, creative thinkers, dancers, tinkerers, etc... to help fashion new vehicles for compassionate communication and new methods for the agonistic confrontation of violence. Got an idea for a local artivism project, please contact us!


Have any suggestions for directions, actions, gatherings, trainings? Send them along.