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A collection of articles, conversations, art, and actions on social justice topics through a local lens


About Digging Deeper

Each quarter, Digging Deeper chooses a social justice topic to explore through a local lens -  the perspectives and lived experiences of the peoples of the Upper Arkansas Valley. We gather stories, interviews, art, resources, and actions to feature here on the web. This forum is open to all, as long as folks act respectfully.

Our First Topic: Immigration

This fall, we will be gathering writing, conversations, art, and info about Immigration - local impacts of new policies and enforcement, local activism, local immigrant stories, local migrations. Philosophy, art and creative approaches to the topic are welcome.

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 Artwork by Fay Golson

Artwork by Fay Golson

Community Dialogue 

Do You Know Who I Am? Screening

Come join us for a screening of Boulder-based MOTUS Theater’s production, “Do You Know Who I Am?” on October 1, 5:30 pm at the First Christian Church in Salida. The performance was scripted by Kirsten Wilson from monologues written and performed by documented and undocumented youth in Colorado. The film creates a space for learning and discussion about immigration and how policies impact the lives of immigrants and their families. 

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